How to use Autocad in Android

Do you know, you can use Autocad on android phone and make engineering drawings easily? Although there are many android applications by which you make 2d or 3d engineering drawings on phone but we will review the best drawing app and guide you step by step to use Autocad in Android make drawings on phone.

First of all, you need to download the Official Android version of Autocad app. Click here to download the official Android version of Autocad app. After downloading and installing the app follow these steps;

use Autocad in Android
  • Sign up using an email account.
  • Open your email and confirm your account.
  • Go back to the app.
  • click “+” icon and then tap “create new file” option.
  • Enter the file name and tap ok.
  • Now, wait till the drawings panel opens.
  • Click on the three lines at the top right corner and the tap settings icon.
  • Now scroll down, tap “type” and select inches or inches engineering.

Now you can go ahead and start your drawing. This app provides the following options;

  • selection tool. With this tool, you can select any object and choose whether to delete, copy or move it.
  • smartpen. With the help of smartpen, you can select any point and draw a line in any direction and then you can enter its length manually.
  • quick trim. With the help of quick trim, you can trim any line between two lines.
  • drawing panel. The options provided in the drawing panel are drawing a line, rectangle, polyline, circle, arc.
  • Annotate. In “annotate” panel you can enter text, draw a cloud, mark points, insert images, draw an arrow.
  • Measure. With the help of this tool, you can measure distance, area, radius, angle, etc.
  • GPS. With this tool, you can Set real-world coordinate system.
  • Layer. It provides you with an option to work in different layers. Also, you can switch “on” or “off” any layer.

This is all about the official Android app for Autocad. If you face any difficulty you can contact us here.

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